About Us
Prywatny dom spokojnej starośći w Wielkopolsce
ul. 3 Maja 42a, Puszczykowo  
tel. +48 61 819 49 00
prywatny dom seniora wielkopolskadom opieki poznań

About us

Rezydencja Seniora is among the few facilities in Poland designed and built in full accordance with European Union standards. Our vision was to create an environment with accessible and comfortable living conditions in surroundings, which have nothing in common with those found in a hospital. Therefore, we offer bright, spacious rooms with comfortable bathrooms, and an open plan layout without corridors for direct access to common areas such as the dining room, the television room, the living-room, the interior court yard, etc.

Equally important to our innovative architectural layout, is the location of the facility: the windows on one side of Rezydecja Seniora look onto Puszczykowo’s General Public Hospital, while from the other side they face the grand pine trees of the Wielkopolska National Park.





About us
Prywatne domy opieki wielkopolska
ul. 3 Maja 42 A
62-040 Puszczykowo
tel./fax +48 61 819 49 00
Prywatne domy opieki wielkopolska projekt strony www.artso.pl