Our Facility
Prywatny dom spokojnej starośći w Wielkopolsce
ul. 3 Maja 42a, Puszczykowo  
tel. +48 61 819 49 00
prywatny dom seniora wielkopolskadom opieki poznań

Our Facility

Our facility was both designed and built with the needs of a senior citizen's home in mind. It is laid out as a triangle with an inner courtyard, which grants easy access to common areas.

Single and double rooms can be found on both the ground and first floors, and each room is equipped with a comfortable bathroom. Most rooms have a view of the Wielkopolski National Park.

The first floor can be reached either via the comfortable staircase with it's resting area half way up, or by hailing the panoramic elevator that awaits to serve you.

The kitchen, dining room, laundry room, a spacious living room, office and the internal courtyard are located on the ground floor, which also offers exits to the garden or the sun-deck.

The first floor, other than the guest rooms, hosts an air-conditioned rehabilitation gym, the TV room, and a Christian chapel.

The entire facility is accessible for disabled persons, with obstructions removed wherever possible to ensure that even a bed-ridden resident can easily participate in the everyday activities outside their room.



A single room

A single room

A double room

A bathroom

 Common areas

The hallway

The dinning-room


The inner courtyard

The exit to the garden


The staircase with a "resting area"

The exit to the terrace

 The kitchen




Our Facility
Prywatne domy opieki wielkopolska
ul. 3 Maja 42 A
62-040 Puszczykowo
tel./fax +48 61 819 49 00
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