Prywatny dom spokojnej starośći w Wielkopolsce
ul. 3 Maja 42a, Puszczykowo  
tel. +48 61 819 49 00
prywatny dom seniora wielkopolskadom opieki poznań

Benefits included in the fee

Benefits included in the fee:

  • A place in a single room or double room - depending on the fee rate, 
(with the possibility to have your own, small furniture);

  • Full board, which consists of: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and snacks. 
Meals are prepared under a dietitian’s supervision;

  • Full care provided by qualified personnel;

  • Nursing care - delivering medication prescribed by a doctor, and conducting of basic tests: body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level measurements;

  • Regular medical care by a family doctor. Check-ups once a week or as often as needed. The proximity of the General Hospital simplifies provision of specialized care where needed;

  • Rehabilitation – basic rehabilitation takes place in an air-conditioned room. The main objective of rehabilitation is to maintain our resident‘s physical fitness. A rehabilitation coach manages these work-out sessions.

  • Occupational Therapy::

         • Board Games

         • drawing and painting classes

         • computer courses

         • Card-games (social or solitaire)

         • Communal singing and playing music

         • Meetings with Senior Citizen community groups, field trips to their home offices

         • Bonfires

         • Arts and crafts
         • Communal cooking and baking

         • Communal TV

  • Maintaining cleanliness in rooms

    The responsibility of maintaining general order in the room remains with the resident where possible as physical therapy. However, thorough cleaning is carried out by staff.
    Bedding and towels are changed once a week or as often as needed. 

    Two washing machines at the residents disposal if requested. Ironing requires staff supervision.

Hairdressing and beauty services

A caretaker helps in conducting everyday toiletries where required. Trips (under supervision) are organized to the local beauty salons by foot and by special means of transportation.
Where required, we arrange hairdressing directly in the resident‘s room. All services, other than those, offered by caregivers during the daily bathroom procedures, are charged to the resident.




Benefits included in the fee
Prywatne domy opieki wielkopolska
ul. 3 Maja 42 A
62-040 Puszczykowo
tel./fax +48 61 819 49 00
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